Curriculum Overview

POJOSS follows the Ghanaian educational Senior High School curriculum,[12] operating in a three-year academic cycle, from form one to form three. Students are taught throughout the year, over a period of three academic terms. The first term of the academic year marks the enrollment of form one students to the school while the third term marks the graduation of form three students.

The programmes run by the school include General Science, General Art, Business and Visual Arts. Form one applicants select four Elective courses. Unlike Elective courses, core courses are offered to all students, irrespective of their programme of study.

The core courses in the school are: English language, core mathematics, social studies, integrated science, ICT and physical education, however, students are only examined externally, in the first five aforementioned courses.

There are subjects taught which are unique to the school because of its attachment to a seminary. They are Religion, Doctrine studies, Latin and Music.

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